who is sarya?

hi there. my name is sarya and i'm doing okay thanks. my pronouns are they/them, and i am a musical poet from Taiwan based in Edinburgh.  

i started as a spoken word poet, performing all over Edinburgh. then, i became more musical in 2017.  

i am highly inspired by Scandinavian pop/folk, as well as outsider/DIY music culture/video game soundtracks. 

my music is mostly about love ...and silliness. i want to make people laugh and cry. i want to sing about friendship and support. i want people to know that they're not alone, and that loneliness and feeling alien is something that most of us relate to.  

i guess i would call my genre sadboi/existential pop/melanchronica(melancholia + electronica).  

i hope you enjoy my music. thank you for reading this. 



p.s. if i played D&D i would be an half-elf bard. 


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