who is Sarya?

a classic asian squat

a classic asian squat

sarya (they/them) is a Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter/poet based in Edinburgh and Taipei.


sarya’s music stems from the roots of spoken word and DIY music, using emotional lyrics to fuel her Nordic-cave inspired vocals. sarya likes to play with kitschy and electronic 8bit noises to make catchy and/or pessimistic songs about the worries of everyday life. Spanning across multiple genres and always keen for experimenting, sarya's music has been rising in popularity in 2020, with over 150,000 streams for her latest EP, "take care of yourself". With a steady presence in the Scottish indie scene, "i don't know where i'm going but that's okay" was featured on The Herald Scotland as the #1 song of new Scottish music of 2020. 


"sarya is an absolute master at capturing relatable feelings and emotions with her sublime lo-fi beats and exceptional lyricism"”

Tallah Brash, The Skinny, 2021

Sarya’s music is blunt-force lyricism meeting with cloudy, video game-inspired synth sonics.”

Euan Davidson, Sound In Depth, February 2021

...an irresistible cauldron of indie, electronica and folk sounds and the soaring high-pitched vocal melancholy...”

Martin Williams, The Herald Scotland, Top 100 Tunes From Scotland in 2020

most recent SINGLE release:

will to live (2022)

a bedroom pop track dedicated to mental health

(Another wondrous collaboration with Rufus) After a few years of life completely disrupted, everyone has been affected, some more than others. This song is dedicated to those whose mental health was shaken during the pandemic, and the love and support from the friends and families that show us a light at the end of the tunnel. 


a meditative electronic track

a personal favourite, this song is a meditation on why one cries, what makes one cry, and how it feels to cry— I hope it brings out a cathartic sense of relief in whoever listens to it.

"i'll break my heart (so you don't have to)" (2021)

unrequited love can be better sometimes

A electro-pop single depicting the pain of an unreturned love that can result in a lasting platonic bond. Time will tell that it's for the better, even if it really hurts right now :( 

"incredible" (2020)

the heart is a lonely hunter

A two track single with some very hard-hitting songs about loneliness and lost love.

Featured on Spotify playlists, Bloom and Scotify.

first release: insomnia song